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These activities are suggestions for at-home training  while we are at home.  Video links and 
activity instructions are available on our You Tube channel playlist at Mount Laurel United Soccer.

Home Training Sessions (45-50 min)
Link to  You Tube Playlist at Mount Laurel United Soccer

Chris Vaughan

Technical Director

Skills Focus:

Foot Skills – Individual touches on the ball

Ball Control – Dribbling and movement with the ball

Passing and Receiving – Individual or family activity

Shooting – Quickly hitting a target with accuracy

Speed and Agility – Movement off the ball to improve quickness and fitness


Stay Home Stay Strong Juggling Challenge

We are offering a Juggling Challenge for all our registered travel players! Something to focus on at home.
A personal challenge for each participant to get started and improve. Parents and Coaches please encourage  your kids to take the challenge.

Juggling is fun and with practice you become more skilled! You can practice at home anytime you choose and as many times as you like. We hope everyone will participate!

This is a four-week competition, beginning Sunday, April 12, 2020. You will have from today until April 12 to ramp up your juggling skills. We are providing links to help you get started and tips for those of you whom are looking to improve.
You can find many juggling how to videos online, so if the ones below do not work for you, search for another.

See this link for how juggling can make you a better player

Juggling for beginners

The Beginners Guide to Soccer Juggling

The Challenge is to juggle a soccer ball with your feet only, as many times as you are able. The ball cannot touch any other surface or part of your body, just your feet. You may use either foot or both feet in an alternating fashion.

You will have someone video your juggling with a phone and save it, in case we need verification.

Submit your juggling accomplishment on our online form. Submission is due Sunday each week. The due dates are listed on the submission form.

 If you are one of the top two in your age-group we will contact you to submit your video for verification on Monday. You do not need to send us a video until we request it. We will announce the winning participants names and the team to which they are a member!

The Winners will win a $15 gift certificate from the vendor of their choice. You may only win the $15 gift certificate one time.  However, keep working on your juggling and submitting each week as we will offer a grand prize to the jugglers that have the highest number of juggles in a single session by age group at the end of the 4 weeks. We will require video verification. If you want to be eligible for the Grand Prize,  practice, save video, submit count online each week.

The Grand Prize winners will win a $50 gift certificate!
Grand Prize Winners!
Dominic Ryba ,      Renegades  u17, 1000 juggles
Lukas Heon,           MLU 2006,   u14,  576 juggles
Jason Bachelor,    Thunder,      u15,  250 juggles
Kiera Quinn,           Wizards,      u15,   82 juggles
Audrey McCorkle,  Flames        u11    58 juggles
Gracia DiStefano,   Explosion,  u19    48 juggles
Liam Duffield,         Galaxy        u10,   34 juggles
Giada Mastroianni, Courage     u9,      8 juggles
Lily Bairner,             Storm,        u8,      7 juggles
Kate Foley               Lions          u12     6 juggles a tie
Ella Hovdestad       Supernova  u12     6 juggles a tie

Week 1 Winners!         
Dominik Ryba
Lukas Heon
Gracia DiStefano
Haven Richman
Liam Duffield
Ellie Costello
Keira Quinn
Julianna Shaw

Week 2 Winners!
Alexandra Hovdestad
Ellia Hovdestad
Audrey Corkle
nnabella Pronkowitz
Zachary Barbash
Giada Mastroianni
Lily Bairner

Week 3 Winners!
Alyssa Marraffino
Joey Craney
Cameron Bachelor
Keira Duffield
Alyssa Donadeo
Kate Foley
Week 4 Winners!
Nina Chester, Maroon Monsters
Luke Thomas, Marauders

Stay Home, Stay Strong! Online Soccer Training Activities

From Coerver Training
Check out and their facebook page for live training.
There are many options for ball mastery on this website.

From New Jersey Youth Soccer

Soccer BINGO – Challenge Yourself or Play Against Friends!

Looking for a fun way to work on your game from home? Play a game of Soccer BINGO! Challenge yourself or play virtually against teammates and friends with a series of activities to spell out BINGO. Coaches can also use this game to encourage at-home practice for their teams and players. Download Soccer Bingo Game Sheet.

SOCCER PARENTING – Parent & Player Playing Series

The Soccer Parenting Association recently announced the Parent & Player Playing Series, which is a collection of videos that provides a fun and engaging soccer exercise to do outside with your child. This series was done in collaboration with former New Jersey ODP and US Women’s National Team player Yael Averbuch, who is the founder of Techne Futbol. Read more.

From USYouth Soccer
Stuck at home training? Make sure to join our Cinebody team and send in your videos for a chance to get featured on our channels! Join at

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