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Our Fields !

General Use of Fields

  • Walk the field and survey for any safety issues each time you use a field. If you see an issue that raises concern, that cannot be remedied immediately 
  • Contact our MLU Fields Director. If there is an issue of immediate danger, leave the area, contact a club official on-site or call the fields director.                     
  • Are goal structures secure, so they will not tip or blow over?
  •  Is there debris on the field that could injure a player? Are there large or deep holes in the field that need to be addressed?
  •  Lightning- if you see it in the sky then it is too close. You need to leave the field, and seek shelter in a car or building.  All individuals and/or teams affiliated with MLU must be scheduled to use a field at anytime of the year.
  • All practice field scheduling should be done through our practice field assignor.
  • All game field scheduling should be done through our game field assignor.



It is the scheduled team’s responsibility to clean-up the field after use. Please make sure that all bottles and general debris is disposed of properly.

This common courtesy extends to all practice, training and game fields.                                                                 

While traveling to other venues outside of Mt. Laurel, please remember to practice common courtesy and clean-up before you leave.

If another scheduled team is waiting to use the field you are on, please leave the area promptly when your scheduled time has lapsed.

Do not wait for or expect someone to ask you to leave.

Remember this is a youth organization and adoring eyes and ears are tuning in. The fields are no place for profanity.


According to township ordinances all pets must be kept on a leash and all excrement must be picked up and disposed of properly on public properties, which include our soccer fields. Lets also remember that not everyone is comfortable around animals and that discretion should be exercised as to the proximity you allow your pet to others. If someone seems uncomfortable with your pet in the location, you and your pet should move. Thank you for your consideration


Turf Field Grid for Team Practices

Field Closure Information

Field Closures

Field closures are based on field conditions and inclement weather affecting field conditions and the safety of our players.
Our goal is to protect our players and the fields so that we may continue using them.

Fields will be closed when the wind chill factor is 16 degrees or below at 3 pm for the 7 v 7 teams. The 9 v 9 & 11 v 11 teams are at liberty to use their best judgement as to the safety of being outdoors for training and practices.

Field Closure Operating Procedure

Field closure notification will be sent out by 3 pm, or so the day of.
As soon as we know the current field conditions or the expected field conditions we will notify you.
We do not respond to inquires as to field conditions.

Field closures are broadcast by the following means

Web posting:on our

Email:To coaches email distribution list

Marne Highway & Memorial Turf Field Use

Marne Highway & Memorial Fields Turf Use Guidelines

Rules of Use

1. Field use is by prior approval from MLU field director or field assignor only. No exceptions!

2. Only players, coaches and officials are permitted on the turf surface. Spectators shall remain outside the fencing at all times, including games and training sessions.

3. Only turf shoes, sneakers, or molded cleats are allowed on the playing field. No metal spiked shoes permitted

4. No food or drink other than water is allowed on the turf surface. In particular, no chewing gum or sunflower seeds are allowed.

5. No dogs or other animals are permitted on the turf surface at any time.

6. No smoking is permitted on or near the turf surface at any time.

7. Players and coaches are not permitted to enter the field area until their approved start time

8. Do not move any equipment without prior permission. No climbing on nets or training goals. Please ensure children are closely supervised.

9. No littering – please pick up all trash after games or practice and place in a trash receptacle for disposal.

10. No spitting permitted

11. No tents, canopies or chairs permitted

12. No alcoholic beverages permitted

13. No glass containers permitted

14. Soccer goals must be returned (rolled) to the original off field storage position after use. The goals at Marne have wheels in the front posts and are easily moved by lifting and pulling the handles on the back posts. Small wheels with a  pin that can pop them up to move them. It takes two people to move the goals to avoid torqueing the metal frames and compromising the goal structure.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Light Tower Information

Operating Procedures for Light Standards

Failure to follow the steps below may cause the lights not to operate and create light damage / failure. 

To start:

  • If cold, turn key to left for 15 seconds
  • Turn key to right to start engine
  • Move the "breaker bar" to the up position; wait 10 seconds
  • Then to move each light switch up, waiting 5 seconds between each one. (do not turn all on at once)

       To shut down:

  • Lower each light switch first, then lower the breaker bar
  • Turn off unit.

If you happen to turn an already lit light off and try to turn it on again, it will take 30 minutes, due to a recycle process.

Complete operating instructions are posted inside the opening door panel.

Field Use Contacts

Grass Game fields TR1,TR2,TR3, TR4,TR5,TR6, TR7, TR8 &TR9 are for league games and scrimmages only .
Use of fields is by schedule and permission only

Contact [email protected]
Contact: [email protected]


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