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MLU Travel Team Management-Welcome!

Thank you for volunteering, and congratulations on taking on the role of coaching and managing an MLU travel team! Familiarizing yourself with the club and league websites is a crucial step in ensuring a successful season. Here's a suggested plan to make the most of the information provided:

  1. League and Club Websites:

    • Explore the MLU website thoroughly to understand the league structure, schedule, and any recent updates.
    • Check the club's website for specific team information, player profiles, and any news or announcements.
  2. Read Rules and Fact Sheets:

    • Go through the league rules and regulations carefully. Understanding the game rules and any specific league guidelines is essential for effective coaching and management.
    • Review fact sheets provided by the league for additional insights into the competition format, schedules, and other relevant details.
  3. Contact the Boys or Girls Travel Director:

    • Identify and reach out to the Boys or Girls Travel Director, as recommended. They serve as the MLU representatives to the leagues and can provide valuable insights into league-specific matters.
    • Prepare a list of questions you may have regarding the league, schedule, logistics, and any other relevant topics.
  4. Avoid Direct Contact with the League:

    • Adhere to the suggestion of not contacting the league directly. Utilize the designated channels, such as the Boys or Girls Travel Director, for communication to ensure a streamlined and organized process.
  5. Stay Informed:

    • Regularly check the league and club websites for updates, news, and any changes to schedules or rules.
    • As a coach the leagues will be keeping you informed thru emails.
  6. Build a Network:

    • Connect with other coaches and managers within the club and  league. Sharing experiences and insights can be valuable for navigating the season successfully.
  7. Attend Meetings and Workshops:

    • Participate in any meetings or workshops organized by the league or club. These events can provide additional information and opportunities to interact with other teams and officials.
  8. Document Important Information:

    • Keep a record of important dates, contacts, and any specific instructions or guidelines provided by the league. Having a well-organized set of information will help throughout the season.

By following these steps, you'll be well-prepared to lead your MLU team effectively and navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with coaching and managing in the league. Good luck with the season!


Treasury, Your MLU Team Account

 A team account is established for each MLU travel team at the time the team is formed. 
  • All monies collected from team members for MLU activities should be deposited to your MLU team account.
    Teams should not set up team accounts in banks outside of MLU.

    our team training charges that are not covered by MLU will be charged to your account as submitted by your trainer.
  • South Jersey Boys and Girls leagues are invoiced to the club directly and will be charged to your team account if it is your secondary league choice.
  • EDP League fees which you request to be paid for you will be listed in your account and charged to your account if it is your secondary league choice.
  • The treasurer will send out team account information at various times during the season.
  • Team Fundraising checks sent directly to the club will be deposited to your account.

What can you use your team account for:

Deposit fundraising monies that are not sent directly to the club from another entity.

  •    Deposit and request checks for funds collected to cover the cost of tournaments, leagues, team equipment expenses, team parties, etc. Receipts for team purchases should be included in your check requests for reimbursements.
    How to deposit funds to your team account:
  • ·       Complete the deposit form available in the links. Print the form and include it in your deposit envelope.
  • ·       Notify the treasurer that you would like to make a deposit and instructions will be provided.

How to request funds from your team account:

  • ·       Complete the request form available in the links. Send a copy to  Mark Pelouze , [email protected].

Travel team Training Sessions covered by MLU by age group

For teams participating in league play for the 2023/2024 seasonal year and Spring only league play, we provide training as prescribed below at no additional cost.
The training hours are not transferable from fall to spring seasons.

8U teams receive 20 hours of training for the fall season

9U & 10U teams receive 15 hours of training for the fall season

11U & up receive 10 hours of training of training for the fall season

U15 & up receive 5 hours of training for teams participating in league play for the 2024 Spring only.

Policy / Procedure for Travel Team Uniforms and Equipment

MLU has developed relationships with its uniform and equipment suppliers that benefit the player, parent, coach, team  and club. These relationships provide the club with discounts on all of our apparel, support for our TOPS program, apparel for our coaches and trainers, and sponsorship of our annual tournament.  In order to maintain these relationships and maximize their benefit, MLU has implemented the following uniform policy.

New teams will receive an equipment bag, 6 size 4 balls, 12 pinnies, 25 cones, and a first aid kit.  This kit is the property of the Club.  Replacement equipment is the team's responsibility and should be replaced through the Director of Equipment.  Additional items, such as ice packs may be ordered from the Director of Equipment as well.

Each year, coaches will receive either a jersey or an outerwear item. An apparel item from our uniform vendor

Travel Kit Info

  • All players on MLU travel teams are required to wear the official travel team kit
  • Additional adornment of the uniform, such as names, sponsorships, etc., is not permitted, without board of directors approval.
  • All players on MLU travel teams may optionally purchase accessories (Training Suit and Backpack) as defined by the MLU Board of Directors.
  • When official travel team kit, as defined by the MLU Board of Directors, changes, all teams must change their uniform.
  • MLU Uniform colors are maroon and white.
  • Alternate jerseys for summer/winter play, outside of Fall and Spring league seasons, must be approved by the Director of Equipment.
  • All additional apparel, including fan gear and training wear must be approved by the Director of Equipment.
  • Kit and accessory donations made to a team, must comply with these rules.
  •  Shin guards and cleats may be purchased at the retailer of the participants choosing.
  • Kits are replaced every two years.

Ordering dates and deadlines

Ordering deadlines have been established and are posted on the club’s website.
Orders Spring 2024 league play are due by February 9th, 2024
a)    Orders placed outside of these ordering windows  may not be delivered in time for the season.

When a team adds a player to a team , we will need to add that player and parent info to the ordering platform with a jersey number.
The team should provide that information to  the Uniform and equipment director  who will ensure the information is uploaded to the vendor ordering system , and will send the link below to the parent who will be placing the order.
How to order a travel team uniform 


a)    All equipment that has been issued to a team, remains the property of MLU.

b)    In the event of a coaching change, all equipment that has been issued to the team shall remain with the team.
c)    In the event of a team disbanding, all equipment that has been issued to the team shall be returned to the Director of Equipment. 


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