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Our Goal

We believe in the benefit of Coaching and Parent Education as much as we believe in coaching the players themselves.

This webpage is a source of information for our Coaches. The MLU recreational program is providing age group curriculum, session plans and information to guide new and returning coaches. It is our goal to contribute to the development of our coach's repertoire of knowledge, coaching methods and general soccer know how.

Parents will be able to access articles about the progression of the game in the US. Coaches will be able to access articles and documents providing sample session plans and curriculum. All of this to educate coaches and parents to better the experience of our players. 


Helpful Hints

Coaching for the first time? Coaching a new age group? Below are some helpful hints to assisting you provide a fun, safe learning environment for your team.



BE PREPARED: WRITE A SESSION PLAN; make sure the session is fun and flows.

BE PRODUCTIVE: Be firm, consistent and fair to all players.

BE PROGRESSIVE: Work from individual to small group to team.

BE POSITIVE: Always smile, give high fives and act in a positive way at all times.

BE PATIENT: Remember it takes a long time to perfect a technique or skill and assume nothing.

BE PROACTIVE: Get to know your players, parents, trainers, and those associated with the club. Attend Coaching workshops, clinics and get your players and parents involved too!


FUN AND FUNDMENTALS: Don’t make practice too simple, static or predictable; they will not be challenged.

CURRICULUM GUIDES: Don’t make practice too hard or above their capacity to learn; they will be frustrated (so will you) and lose interest. Follow the guides and teach age appropriately.

OBSERVE: then coach. Let them figure out the problems. Guide them, but allow them to make decisions.

FREEDOM AND CREATIVITY: Allow them to play without fear, without constant stoppage, and with positive feedback.

DYNAMIC: Make practices DYANMIC; no lines, laps or static work.

LEARNING STYLES: Players learn by doing. Show them, demonstrate and they will try to replicate. Through doing, they will learn and understand.

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