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Concussion Awareness

Hello Coaches, Parents and Players,
 US Youth Soccer has teamed up with the CDC , Center for Disease Control, with a Heads Up Program
 Please view the page resources, there is great info for all. 
  • There is a downloadable app for concussion recognition. Which is handy for all to download to a smartphone and access at a moments notice.
  • Online Heads Up concussion course for coaches. All NJYS coaches have been mandated to complete the training.
  • Online info for Youth Sports officials.
Remember, if you suspect one of your players has a concussion they are not to continue to play in the game or practice. 
1. The come out and stay out.
2. Let the parents know ASAP.
3. Keep the player under constant observation to be sure they are not getting worse.
4. If any of the "RED FLAGS" listed on the pocket tool are observed the player needs urgent medical assessment. 
5. Make sure you contact your MLU Club Rep and follow up with your parents to check the welfare of the player.  

Concussion Awareness Training


 After you complete the online training you will view a certificate that states you completed the course. Please print  two copies of the certificate. One for you to keep and carry when coaching a game and one to be sent to us or turned in to the travel director orrecreation  director.  You may email  or snail mail the certificate. To snail mail please send a copy of your certificate to Mt. Laurel United Soccer Assoc. 3111 Rt 38 #11 Suite 134 Mt. Laurel , NJ 08054

Thank you.

The Legislature of the State of New Jersey passed a bill to raise the awareness of concussions amongst youth athletes. This bill requires coaches to have head injury safety training to help in the recognition of concussions

To support this effort, the following was agreed to at the New Jersey Youth Soccer Board of Directors meeting of August 19, 2011 concerning Concussion Awareness Training. 

By October 15, 2011 all coaches will be required to have taken the online Concussion Awareness Training and be able to present their certificate they receive from taking the course. 

All clubs will certify to NJYS by October 15, 2011 that their coaches have complied with the Concussion Awareness Training requirement and are able to produce a certificate. The required certification will be via a form that will be available on the NJYS website and will be similar to the KidSafe Club Certification Form that now exists.

All coaches will have the certificate with them when they are coaching. This requirement pertains to both travel and recreation coaches. 

A link to the Concussion Training sites has placed on the NJYS web site

Baseline Testing for Concussions

  There is a flyer from M&M physical therapy about baseline concussion testing.  There is a cost involved but some teams are doing this for their players.  This is not an MLU funded program but we are pleased to recommend M&M to ensure awareness around concussions (part of why they are changing the "heading the ball" rule) and a possible step you may wan to take for the future.
Concussion Symptoms
Concussion Testing
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