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U10 Characteristics of Player Development

Characteristics of Player Development

The U10 age group

The purpose of this curriculum is to help trainers and coaches understand the characteristics of this age group and then use age appropriate training sessions. Each weekly link is not a progression to the last one but will give you lots of ideas to make your training sessions enjoyable and fun.

The curriculum guidelines are meant to be flexible as all players of the same age are certainly not at the same developmental level. It is important we challenge all players at a level that befits their ability

The information is not solely based on observation and experience in soccer, but also on research and practice in psychology, child development, physiology, child education, and learning theory.

The MLU Technical Dept. hopes you will all use this curriculum to guide your teams and to help insure our players are being provided the best soccer environment possible.

Characteristics of the U10 Player:

  • Gross and motor skills becoming more refined
  • Boys and girls begin to develop at different rates
  • Boys constantly moving and poking; girls pace themselves
  • Will listen to instructions
  • Can anticipate the ball – abstract thinking
  • Movement is forward, backward, sideways
  • Ability to stay on task is lengthened
  • Greater diversity in playing ability, physical maturity (more, mature have stronger motor skills)
  • Still more prone to heat injury than adults
  • Accelerated heat loss increases their risk of hypothermia
  • Attention span lengthened, ability to sequence thoughts and actions
  • Pace factor starts to develop (starting to think ahead)
  • More inclined towards wanting to play than being told to play
  • Demonstrate increased self-responsibility (bring water and ball, tuck in jersey, pull up socks)
  • Starting to recognize fundamental tactical concepts such as changing direction of ball but not sure why
  • Repetition of technique very important but must be dynamic not static
  • May initiate play on their own
  • Continued positive reinforcement needed
  • Explanations must still be brief, concise, and indicate purpose
  • Becoming more serious about “their play”
  • Peer pressure starting to be a factor
  • Prefer identification with team (uniform, balls, equipment)

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